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cruciverb.comRetrieved 17 January 2017Therefore, A is considered the same as or The first entries[edit]Referring crossword puzzle answersMany American crossword puzzles feature a "theme" consisting of a number of long entries (generally three to five in a standard 1515-square "weekday-size" puzzle) that share some relationship, type of pun, or other element in commonRetrieved 17 January 2017www.vijaykarnatakaepaper.comA good cryptic clue should provide a fair and exact definition of the answer, while at the same time being deliberately misleadingOn May 14, 2007, he published his 66,666th crossword,[36] equivalent to 2 million cluesGOSPELAny of the first four books of the New Testament (6) Crossword grids elsewhere, such as in Britain, South Africa, India and Australia, have a lattice-like structure, with a higher percentage of shaded squares (around 25%), leaving about half the letters in an answer unchecked2, 2012Universal Crossword - April 28, 2007^ Topics of the Times: Sees Harm, Not Education" The New York Times, March 10, 1925, p"Notes from a Mentor"Van Nostrand Reinhold^ a b Kurzban, Stanley AFor example, if the top row has an answer running all the way across, there will often be no across answers in the second rowin German language crosswords, the umlauts , , and are dissolved into ae, oe, and ue, and is dissolved into ssEXODSecond book of the O.T 47c21cc077

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